How We Do What We Do

We are strong believers that HOW we do what we do is as important as WHAT we do in our church.

HOW we do what we do is as important as WHAT we do

In the Trinity, we see and understand God as relationship. Everything God does is mutual love and mutual submission within Godself. As the Church, we are called to imitate this.

Every person is a conduit of God’s voice. We structure leadership in a Trinitarian-inspired, shared leadership model to maximize the opportunity to hear from everyone, to take turns leading, and see the jazz-like, improvisational music collaborative ministry can create.

Most of our growth as leaders comes from the hard work it takes to maintain and grow relationships in the midst of ministry. Our Community Covenant is the key to helping our relationships flourish within this collaborative leadership model. Every year, our staff, Leadership Council, and volunteer ministry co-leaders discuss and agree to live by this covenant: