On the Cover: “Dancing Saints and Icons”

On the cover of our Sunday program for the Summer, as well as here on the web site: The Dancing Saints (detail) icon was completed in 2009 by Iconographer Mark Dukes together with the people of Saint Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, San Francisco, CA — www.saintgregorys.org.

From left to right the figures are:

Miriam (14th–12th? century B.C.): Older sister of Moses, thought to be the voice behind the Song of Moses, which celebrated God taking the side of the forgotten, dispossessed slaves and leading them to freedom.

Origen (185–254): Alexandriean theologian and teacher whose homilies deeply influenced Gregory of Nyssa. Origen established the norm of scripture commentary for Christian theology.

Malcolm X (1925–1965): On a pilgrimage to Mecca, he was converted by a vision of one humanity worshipping one God in peace. He returned to the U.S. to work for justice for African Americans and for peace between the races.

Queen Elizabeth 1 (1533–1603): When much of Europe was torn by heresy trials and religious war, Elizabeth conceived a church in which people of diverse beliefs, opinions and doctrines could be one through shared prayer and Eucharist.