Building a Community for Everyone

When we say that we believe everyone is invited to experience God’s grace, we really mean everyone—not “everyone…except you.” If God wouldn’t turn anyone away, why should we?

We also believe that church isn’t just something we attend, but something that we are. Each one of us plays a role in making our church community a safe place to worship God, ask questions, and figure out how we can get even better at loving God and loving each other.

Check out opportunities for community such as Deepen Groups, Be Still: A Weekly Contemplative Gathering and Well Beings. Click here for all events.

Deepen Groups (Small Community Groups)

Small groups of people who gather regularly to grow deeper with God and each other.

Be Still: A Weekly Contemplative Prayer Gathering

Join us Wednesdays September through May at the Holiday Theatre for silent centering prayer, readings, quiet reflection, writing, and music.

Well Beings (Community Care)

Well Beings is designed to help you get the assistance you need.