Be Still: A Weekly Contemplative Prayer Gathering


Join us Wednesdays September through May at the Holiday Theatre for silent centering prayer, readings, quiet reflection, writing, and music. We will be on hiatus June 6–August 30.


Be Still Weekly Program Schedule:

6:30 pm Doors Open
Enter in silence or with low voices and help yourself to tea and snacks.

6:45 pm Welcome & Introduction
Make your way into the sanctuary and grab a pillow to make your self comfortable. You can sit wherever you like. You can also go in early to settle into the space.

6:50 pm Centering Prayer
We will start with light guidance and introduction to centering prayer and offer a short reading. Singing bowls are used to start and finish the sit. This is a silent prayer time for exactly 20 minutes.

7:15 pm Read, Reflect, Listen, Practice
On every First Wednesday of the month, for this portion of the evening, we will offer a variety of contemplative practices. All other Wednesdays we will offer contemplative reading material, writing materials, and music.

7:35 pm Excused to Mingle or Stay in Sacred Space
The sanctuary will be silent for further reflection until 8 pm

8 pm Service Ends

“Somewhere in those depths of silence I came upon my first experiences of God as a loving presence that was always near, and prayer as a simple trust in that presence.” Cynthia Bourgeault, Centering Prayer & Inner Awakening

If you have any questions about our Be Still service or if you are interested in developing a centering prayer practice at home, email