Be Still: A Weekly Contemplative Prayer Gathering



Friends and family of Highlands Church and of our weekly Be Still gathering, we have been beyond blessed to have hosted contemplative space every Wednesday for four years alongside our community and to the public. Our quiet, reflective and centering mission was a gift to so many of you and to us. We have spent many months discerning next steps for our team and for Be Still. Our team peacefully decided to lay our weekly gathering to rest at the end of this past February. In addition to our team thinning, so is the number of attendees. We have never measured the worth of our invitation alongside the number of attendees; however, we feel being thoughtful stewards of the use of the sanctuary space and our weekly commitment serves us all in the end.

We hope each of you can float with us in discerning what Be Still might look like as a community, as a possible gathering or as an invitation to contemplative practice in the months and years ahead. We are aiming to host a Be Still contemplative retreat in the Fall of 2018. If you have ideas, passion and interest for serving our community in this way, please get in touch with us at We’re grateful to everyone who shared this space with us these past four years.

With love ~ Sara, Stephanie, Ben, Daniel, Jonathon, Rachael, Jenny and all the other leaders and staff who have served and supported this gathering.