Community Groups

(Deepen, Social and Ongoing)

The Highlands Community Groups ministry is committed to creating a variety of ways for members of our community to connect with each other outside of Sunday services. We have seasonal Deepen Groups, Ongoing Groups, Social Groups and Special Event Connections. If you would like more information on any of the groups, email


A Deepen group is a small group of people who gather for 8-10 weeks starting in the fall and spring each year. Each group looks and feels different – some are a Bible study, some focus on “questions worth asking” while others are activity-minded and an easy, no-commitment-necessary way to meet new people in your community.

CLICK HERE to sign up for these Fall 2017 Deepen Groups:

Improv Level 1 | Sundays @ noon – Meets at the Holiday Theater | Leader: Kendy Doolen
Explore the world of Improv Theater! This eight-week group will teach the basics of improv with a focus on fun and accessible introductory exercises. Whether you hope to build confidence, connect to your emotions, or form relationships, this class will give you skills that carry over into all aspects of your life — and its fun!  $15 donation is requested.

Bell & Bourbon | Bi-monthly, Mondays @ 6:30 pm – Meets at a home in Highlands | Leaders: Heather Nelson & Sarah Winfrey
Join us twice a month to discuss Rob Bell podcasts. These audio podcasts are available free on iTunes. Bring your own beverages or feel free to contribute to the hosts’ beverage selection.

Career and Job Transitions | Mondays @ 7 pm – Meets at a home in Highlands | Leader: Chris Hegland
If you’re unemployed, underemployed, misemployed or miserably employed or lacking purpose in your work or just thinking about doing something different, this group will help you learn new skills, gain networking contacts, feel refreshed and supported, explore new interests and land jobs. We will follow a proven six-step process designed to help maximize your career potential and personal fulfillment.

Cool School for Men | Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm – Meets at a home in Highlands | Leader: Kathy Wells
Learn what it means when your person asks you to “be more relational.” Did you know that being relational is attractive? Cool? Kathy will use her 30 years of experience to teach, show and validate that emotional maturity is truly what makes the world go ‘round. Explore freedom from psychological patriarchy on your way to the genius of being a cool man.

Gay Men’s Spiritual Study | Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm – Meets at a home in Capitol Hill | Leader: Mark Freeman — Study group for gay men where we will nourish our bodies as we break bread and nourish our minds as we contemplate our spiritually through conversation and interaction together.

“Southies” Group | Every other Wednesday @ 6:30 pm – Meets at a home in Littleton | Leaders: Lisa and Ginger Perry — For Highlands Church neighbors located in the South part of town (Littleton, Englewood, Highland Ranch, etc.). Children are welcome. Gather for a meal, discussion of sermon topics or news of the day and make new friends.

Zumba Gold Joy | Thursdays @ 10 am – Meets at the Holiday Theatre | Leader: Cassandra Pynes
A cardio workout specifically for Seniors or those with injuries or those who want a lighter workout. It can be done seated, in a wheelchair or standing. Zumba is a cardio class set to Latin and World music. Zumba has been shown to increase self-esteem and well-being! You can still get a great workout if you are seated.

Crafts!! | Fridays @ 7 pm – Meets at the Holiday Theatre | Leader: Melissa Dozier
If you enjoy crafting or creating home made gifts, here’s your chance to learn or perfect your crocheting, sewing, knitting, jewelry-making, card-making or applique techniques. This group will gather, survey interests, offer one week of teaching a new skill and a second week of practicing that skill to create something. $20 material fee for instruction, scholarships available.

Zumba! | Saturdays @ 8:30 am – Meets in the garage | Leader: Maddie Kremer
Perfect For everybody and every body! Zumba is more like a dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba classes are often called exercise in disguise.

Highlands Playgroup | Saturdays @ 10:30 am – Meets at Cesar Chavez Park | Leaders: Kim & Kevin Roth — Connect with other Highlands Church families with children! Join other parents’ of young children weekly, to connect about life, kids and church, while watching your children play. Any and all families are welcome!

Mom, bring your baby to yoga | Three 1-hour sessions, consecutive weeks during the day at the Holiday Theater | Leader: Michelle Taylor — Join Michelle as she demonstrates a way to try yoga or just get a practice in while being in an environment that supports you and your baby.


The Highlands Singles Ministry is open to anyone in the Highlands Community who identifies themselves as single. We are an open an inclusive group (although some events may be 21+). Some events are open to all comers and others will have specific target audiences.
If interested in this group, contact Alex Stein at  to ensure you receive group information and invites to future events.

The Highlands LGBTQ Ministry is open to anyone in the Highlands Community who identifies themselves as LGBTQ. Some events are open to all comers and others will have specific target audiences. We meet once a month for fun, food, fellowship and maybe drinks from 4-6 pm the third Saturday of the month at various Highland area eateries.
If interested in this group, email Kris Jordan and Rick Hall at to ensure you receive group information and invites to future events.