Community Groups

(Deepen, Social and Ongoing)

The Highlands Community Groups ministry is committed to creating a variety of ways for members of our community to connect with each other outside of Sunday services. We have seasonal Deepen Groups, Ongoing Groups, Social Groups and Special Event Connections.

Deepen Groups: Small groups of people who gather regularly to grow deeper with God and each other. Groups run for 8-10 weeks. Each group looks and feels different – some are a Bible study, some focus on “questions worth asking” while others are activity-minded and an easy, no-commitment-necessary way to meet new people in your community. Deepen Groups generally align with Fall, Spring and Summer.

SPRING DEEPEN GROUPS – You still have time to get involved with a couple of Spring Groups…
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Creating Art and exploring and expressing suffering
Facilitators: Joe Jones, Kaitlynn Brown
Meet: Tuesdays, 6:30–8 pm, 3/7–5/2, Highlands Church Garage
4–12 participants
Some of life’s most fruitful moments often rise from the ashes of pain, scars, and suffering. We warmly welcome you to SUFFER with us in a weekly artists group. We are planning to express ourselves artistcally through our scars not our wounds. We provide the dungeon lighting and emo music, you bring your artist medium of choice.

Wandering Whiskey Wednesdays
Facilitators: Angela Romont, Kallie Wilson
Meet: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays 5:30– 7:30 pm, 3/1–4/26, Alternating locations
4–15 participants
Connect with other Highlanders without the typical weekly commitment, and with the added bonus of whiskey! Through new friendships, we hope to learn how to get more involved, not only in the Highlands community, but around the metro area. If you just want to explore some good whiskey around town, this is the group for you!

Highlands High Rollers
Facilitators: Amanda Gonzales, Nick Velharticky
Meet: Saturdays, 11am–1 pm, 3/4–4/22, Nick’s home in Centennial
Up to 6 participants
Looking for any budding or experienced screenwriters, documentarians, videographers, and visionaries who want to brainstorm collaborative multimedia projects to spread the Highlands Church vision out into the world, and work on one of them during the six-week course of the small group.

Fr. Richard Rohr Essays –
Discussion Group
Facilitator: Susan Harman
Meet: Sundays 1–3 pm, 3/5–4/30, Englewood Public Library, Broadway/Hampden
4–10 participants
Under the guise of “Christian mysticism”, Richard Rohr advocates what he calls an “alternative orthodoxy”, defined as “practices of contemplation and lived kenosis (self-emptying), expressing itself in radical compassion.”  Join us as we share some of Fr. Rohr’s daily essays and discuss how his teaching and views may impact or encourage us on our own spiritual journeys.

Music Group
Facilitator: Nick Velharticky
Meet: Sundays, 3-5:30 pm, Nick’s home in Centennial
Up to 6 participants
Jam together on Sunday afternoons. We might occasionally watch some movies or inspirational documentaries on musicians. We may even record something during the 8 weeks! The goal is to find complementary ensemble of talents — as opposed to five bass players. When signing up for the group, use the comments space to indicate what instrument(s) you play and whether you sing.

These groups are less structured than Deepen Groups, although most have a regular schedule for their meetings and serve a specific purpose or audience.

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Living with Persistent Conditions: The PC Group meets once a month for discussion and community and once a month for a social gathering. The members of this group have chronic health challenges (MS, Pain, Parkinson’s). We welcome anyone who wants to connect with us – there is not some “level of illness” requirement. It sounds serious, and occasionally is, but we spend a lot more time laughing with each other.

LGBTQ Social Alliance: We meet once a month for fun, food, fellowship and maybe drinks! We would love for any new or longtime Highlander to join us. We meet from 4-6 pm the third Saturday of the month at various Highland area eateries. If interested in this group, email Kris Jordan at

Whole-Health Walking Community:  There is so much good in prioritizing time to move the way that we’re built to. Here at Highlands Church Denver, we’re blessed to have members of our community actively involved in leading regular community and contemplative walks. While they’re not specific to HCD, any community members looking for a walking group should look into these. Our own Jonathan Stalls and Julie Gibson each lead a weekly walk group. Jonathon’s ‘Park Hill Sunrise’ is every Tuesday in the Park Hill neighborhood at 7 am. Julie’s ‘Highlands Wellness Walk’ is every Monday (mostly at Berkeley Lake) but rotates every other week from morning (8:30 am) to evening (6:00 pm). Rather than sign up here, please go to High Ramblers. In addition to the walks led by Jonathan and Julie, you’ll find many opportunities offered by the Walk2Connect Cooperative.

Monthly Hiking: Join the Highlands Hikers! We hike the second Saturday of every month. We never hike more than 4 miles, and stay within 90 minutes of Denver. In order to ensure safety and enjoyment, this group is only for adults 18 and over. Dogs are allowed on some of the hikes and we will let you know two weeks in advance. Meet at 8 am at the North High School parking lot. E-mail Kate Berger at

Highlands Singles:  The Highlands Singles group is open to anyone in the Highlands Community who identifies themselves as single. We are an open an inclusive group (although some events may be 21+). Events are intended to be initiated from the group members themselves, with support being offered by the Community Groups ministry. Questions or ideas should be sent to If you’re single, SIGN UP HERE so that you can ensure you receive group information and invites to future events.

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