Well Beings (Community Care)


Well Beings Workshop: Encountering the Presence of God

Saturday, October 27, 9 am–12:30 pm at the Holiday Theatre
Facilitator: Jason McBride
Discover a deeper connection with God and learn how to become more fully aware of the Divine presence in every part of everyday life. We will look at the journey that Jesus modeled, what we can learn historically from those who practiced the presence of God and about our own unique connection to God. One reason many become discouraged with their awareness of the Divine is because they’ve adopted a narrow, cut-and-dried approach–one they’re not wired for as individuals. We will explore nine different ways to commune with God that honor the unique design given to each of us. Sessions include,
  • The Theme of God’s Presence and Jesus’ Model
  • Sacred Pathways – The Different Ways We Experience God in Our Life
  • Learning to Practice the Presence of God
Jason McBride is a leadership development professional, spiritual director, and nonprofit consultant passionate about helping others reaching their full potential and helping churches create healthy and sustainable business models for the good of all. He served as the Spiritual Formation Pastor of a large church (4000+) for 13 years, overseeing adult ministries and community. He is a spiritual director in his local community, meeting with those who desire someone to journey with them in their experience of God. He has a M.A. in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Denver Seminary, where he also serves as Associate Faculty.  He has been married to his lovely wife, Laura, for 22 years. Together they have three biological children and two adopted children, all between the ages of fifteen and nineteen.

Please register by emailing wellbeings@highlandschurchdenver.org.

A Ministry of Care and Presence

As a congregation, we all play a part in promoting a community of compassion, care and support.  Sometimes, we need more than words of encouragement or a hug from a friend.  The Well Beings Care Team (WBCT) is available to help at such times. Team members are volunteers from our congregation that are skilled in compassionate listening and care.

Team members may:
•  visit persons who are ill at home or in the hospital;
•  support those going through a major life transition or personal challenge;
•  make contact with individuals unable to attend church due to illness/other;
•  support family and friends involved in care giving;
•  comfort the bereaved;
•  assist with spiritual support;
•  connect individuals to community resources (therapy, support group)

Contact the WBCT:
Cindy Wells can be reached by phone/text at 720.989.5695 or by email. If a staff member is contacted he/she will direct the request to Cindy and she will communicate this to the WBCT team.

Why a Care Team?
In a large congregation it is not possible for the pastors to give full attention to each member who might need additional care. Caring for each other in a conscious and healthy way is important to the life of the church. The care team believes that supporting individuals to function and live more fully helps to create a more loving, healthy and authentic community.

WBCT Principles Grounded in Community Covenant

Self-Care — Team members know that the best caregivers are those that practice good self-care, establish good boundaries and know their strengths and limitations. They are aware of the difference between offering support and care vs. enabling and interfering.

Opportunities to Grow — Well Beings offers a wide variety of groups and workshops designed to enhance education, awareness and personal growth.

Active Listening
— There is healing power in telling one’s story. Team members listen with compassion as they hear what the person is telling them through the use of words, body language and, at times, the absence of words.

Trust and Confidentiality — Caring relationships are built on a foundation of trust. The care team recognizes the importance of treating this opportunity with the utmost confidentiality when providing support and after.

Presence of Partnership
— Providing emotional and spiritual care is a process of working together with another individual. As such, members encourage those they support to recognize, value, and use their own inner wisdom to help navigate their spiritual, emotional and relational journey.

Honour the Beliefs and Doubts of Others — We know that persons have varied faith and spiritual backgrounds. We seek to acknowledge, understand and affirm this process.

Non-judgmental Presence
— Respect is foundational to Highlands and this team, and allows and encourages one to listen and respond without judgment, accepting and affirming people as they are.

Equality and Wholeness — Healthy care recognizes that we’re all valuable – that each and all of us share human/spiritual experiences that are both unique and common. Team members know that the time shared with another is a blessing and gift to both persons in the relationship.