Helping Others

Here are details of how your generosity truly helps: For six years, we have been coming alongside local leaders in rural Honduran communities to help them accomplish their goals. These have been pinpointed as clean water and literacy efforts, so we have installed “pilas,” which are multi-use clean water access points in homes (think of them as combination sinks, laundry centers, food prep areas, grey water storage, and disposal centers) that were identified as high need families by local leaders. We also helped them to hire professionals to complete masonry projects such as large eight person hand washing stations in rural schools and the repair or replacement of out-of-use toilets. Creating clean water access points at the schools goes a long way towards helping everyone in the communities have open access to clean water. Schools in these areas are primarily without literature or access to a library, mainly because a new book costs an average of $30USD, which is just untouchable for a school with no income. So we have partnered with the CHISPA project (chispaproject.org) to bring thousands of books that were donated by individuals in Denver as well as schools like Valdez Elementary and North High. They are being used to create a mobile library that will travel between schools, as well as placement in larger schools and existing libraries with need. 



GO HERE for photos of the epic cornhole tournament to raise funds for the Honduras trip. Participants raised more than $3,400!