Co-Create the Worship Gathering

Interested in joining in as a collaborator? Here are some ways:

Hospitality — We gather under the context of God’s great hospitality towards us: always seeking, always inviting and always serving us. We work to imitate this hospitality to all those who join us on Sundays. Contact to find out more about serving 1X per month preparing food, greeting people at the door, or serving communion (We believe that anyone who receives communion is “qualified” to offer it to others!).

Contact Rachael McClair at for any of the following:

Serve Communion  Anyone who enjoys receiving communion is “qualified” to also give communion to others. Sign up in the lobby Sunday morning on the big chalk board. Then come to the front when the Communion Presider calls you. You’ll take either the loaf of bread, or the tray of gluten-free crackers and cup of juice and stand at the front of the auditorium on the right or left side. As people approach you will say either “Body of Christ, broken for you” or “Blood of Christ, shed for you.” Contact Rachael with any questions.

Communion Connector — Our Communion Connectors serve once a month by help monitor the Communion board in the lobby ensuring we have enough communion servers for each service and inviting people to try this amazing experience. If you love to serve communion and want to help others give it a try, this is for you! This is not a sales pitch- it is simply a gentle invitation into a beautiful experience.

Highlands-musicAudio/Visual Team — For those who like working behind-the-scenes and with technology, this team learns the ins-and-outs of running the sound board, lighting and video presentations.

HC Choir at Pridefest 2013

Vibe — We believe that, while we can worship anywhere, putting intention and beauty into our gathering space matters. This team sets the table every week for communion by baking or buying the bread, pouring the juice and setting up the reflection tables. Additionally, this team works in collaboration with the Incubator Arts Collective on large-scale projects around the major church holidays of Advent, Lent and Easter.

Instrumentalists1Instrumentalists — We see music as being invitational and as an avenue for expressing worship. We work collaboratively, so the style of music varies from week to week. We invite all instruments, if you are an experienced player and interested in contributing to the soundtrack of our worship.

Instrumentalists2Vocalists — Our team of vocalists is made up of singers with solo-quality voices, with an excellent ear for harmony. Vocalists need to be able to hear multiple harmonic parts and to blend their voice with others, within different musical styles. Reading music is not necessary, but is helpful. Music varies from week to week.

Choir — Our choir co-leads the worship gatherings periodically under the fantastic leadership of Jamie Wolf and Todd McCracken.  They rehearse every other Sunday afternoon and sing a variety of worship, gospel, and more traditional choral tunes. The photo below is of the choir performing at PRIDEfest! If you are interested in finding out more, check out the CHOIR PAGE or contact Jamie Wolf at