Community Hour

Community Hour meets at 9 am (for the Summer) in the garage! Walk left around the corner from Menchie’s.

Contact Caio (Lucas) Santos at with questions.

The purpose of Community Hour is to develop relationships, to learn about ourselves and each other and to grow in our intimacy with God while connecting. The activities vary from week to week and may include large group discussion, small group sharing, a book study or even a personal life story. You’ll get to experience different topics, format and people. Coffee, tea and snacks are provided to start your Sunday morning off right!

“Community Hour is MY church! It’s chill, relaxed, gives me a chance to “process” spirituality and religion in a non-pressured way with just the perfect amount of people, not too many and not too few, through the variety of weekly activities that happen before church for just an hour. Like Highlands Church, it’s a perfect mix of people where church happens!” — Stewart

“I freakin’ LOVE Community Hour. It is an easy and relaxed way to get to know other Highlands Church people (including the pastors and staff) in a smaller group than is found in the worship service, in an atmosphere that is always casual, welcoming, friendly, conversational and kind. The various discussions, informal presentations, and other activities are always offered in a low-key way, so it is okay to speak up or just to listen and reflect, as the Spirit (or your caffeine-level) moves you. There is always a mix of familiar faces and some new people to welcome, and the fellowship in Community Hour feels like church-in-action, an experience of worship-before-worship. Plus, there’s coffee, tea, and snacks, which are, y’know…INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT… on a weekend morning. It’s a delight. Please come visit!” — John

“Before I started coming to Community Hour, I’d say hello to some familiar faces at church but didn’t feel like part of a community. Through CH I took my involvement at Highlands to a new level by getting to know those familiar faces! I am grateful for the friendships I’ve developed and I am so glad I started coming to CH.” — Sue